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The Other Side of Ego: From Cancer to Consciousness

The Other Side of Ego: From Cancer to Consciousness


Author: Jonathan Gravenor

Jonathan Gravenor is a journalist, broadcaster, author, and speaker. During his career, he has covered wars to World Cups, natural disasters to national elections. But his favorite stories were always the human condition. Born and raised on the west coast of Canada he now calls Sydney Australia home. He lives with his partner Marina and Harry the Cat, who sat with him every day when he came home from chemotherapy. The Other Side of Ego is his first book but he has several other titles already underway.

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I used to believe I was a pretty big deal. I had achieved fame and a level of power that allowed me access to people I considered important. As a broadcast journalist, I was recognized and admired. It was seducing, and I became swept up in all things that were me and no-one else.

Then suddenly it all ended when I was diagnosed with a deadly disease.

My awakening happened the night my doctor told me I had throat cancer, my daughter told me she didn’t care if I lived or died, and I didn’t blame her.

Suddenly isolated in a world that only contained my imminent death I realized the kind of man I had become was exactly the kind of man I would not want to be near.

Surgeries, Chemotherapy, and radiation were painful but paled in comparison to the internal savagery of my own mind, as I started on the journey to heal myself and salvage my soul. To do that, I had to change just about everything I believed in. I traveled around the world looking for answers and trying to find out who I was. But the global exploration wasn’t as intense as the internal journey that led me back through the darkness and then eventually into a place of reconciliation.