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Sitting here writing this I am not sure where to start or where to end. I cannot imagine trying to squeeze my life, my accomplishments or my failures into nicely organized paragraphs. The truth is now I look back and realize I have led many lives during this one.

I am old now, not so old that I am ready to go, but old enough to see how much everything has changed – when I was born man had not been to the moon, TV’s were few and far between and they showed life in black and white.  Our imagination was fueled by great big movies and beautiful books. My dreams were powered by radio, where I sat and listened to stories of people I wanted to be like and to ice hockey games played by hero’s that seemed beyond compromise.

It would be so easy to say that life was simpler then, but it wasn’t. I doubt through the history of mankind that any time has been simple – we all have danced with angels and fought demons that lived deep inside us.

In my life I started as a son and brother, a student and an athlete. As I grew I became malcontent, an agitator then a lover and a player. I drank too much and tried too many drugs, I lived on the edge because the middle of the road was never my path.

Somehow I wound up here.


My journey took me through the life of a journalist, where I spent 30 years writing, talking about and investigating other people. I stood in front of cameras playing a role I thought I needed to and in that, I lost myself along the way. It became more important to be the job than to be me.

I have discovered now so far down this road that the most important roles I am playing are that of father and of me.

In 2012 I was told the words that would change my life forever – “You have cancer”.

It stopped everything, and then suddenly started everything from a new beginning.

This site and these books are my stories and my life – welcome.

  • The Other Side of Ego: From Cancer to Consciousness
  • No Longer Little
  • The Best Me
  • Waiting for the Truth
  • Yoga Part III
  • The All Clear

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