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Ted Talk Announcement

Ted Talk Announcement

This post has been 2 weeks in the making – perhaps because a big part of me doesn’t feel worthy to write it – let alone say it.

I have been asked to give a Ted Talk next year in Florida.

A few years ago before cancer and before I woke up to the beast I had become I would have wondered what took them so long. Now that I have confronted the demons that reside in me, I wonder why they can’t see them too.

During this journey where I have traveled with so many of you – I have come to see that I am not alone. When I write about struggles of my own character, you have messaged me and shared your own stories of your fight with your Lucifer.

Some might say that misery likes company, but I don’t believe that. I think perhaps when we have had enough, and only see love as the viable alternative then we can admit the errors of our ways. We are not sinking in our misery we are learning to swim.

I am so humbled, by Ted Talks offer and by the continued support and Love I get from you my friends.

It is currently planned for the 4th quarter of 2017 – once I have details I will let all of you know.

I love you – Thank You