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The Best Me

The Best Me

There is elegance eventually – to internal investigation – the path is a glorious blood bath of past inadequacies but the other side is like the aftermath of a rain storm – everything dirty has been washed away and the earth spouts with fresh blooms and new beginnings.

I have found the path never ends, though there have been times when I have come to an end where I believed I had achieved what I was looking for only to discover it was a dead end, a turn off my destiny’s path where I took it hoping and believing I had found a short cut to Nirvana.

There are no short cuts, no magic pills or secret potions in my life – there is only the day to day drudgery called life, but when I open my eyes this life has the best views and the nicest people. I have discovered miracles are not single moments but rather collections of little rare things only found when I am present.

Today as I sat in my 6th day of Yoga and looked for excuses why I couldn’t, I decided that I could. Humour belies my truth, that I have found a million ways to avoid one thing, the best me.

However this thing called “Awareness” no longer lets me off by finding the best story not to, instead I am now confronted by the moment I look to find easy routes or quick excuses. Perhaps I always was confronted and maybe I had found a way to silence that man who sits inside me and asks for all I have. But no more.

Silent is the man who only listens to truth, quiet are the footsteps that climb mountains alone, and a strained breath should only be heard by those pushing beyond their limits.

Today I am more content than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than now.